Greenpeace Activism – Lab 14

May 2, 2010

Greenpeace is an international environmental group that uses photography to document human activities that damage the environment.  The organization uses the photos and videos that it collects to spread global awareness.  From illegal whale hunting to the impacts of an oil spill, Greenpeace petitions global leaders on a variety of issues to take action in favor of the environment.  Their action center has a list of current issues along with links labeled “Take Action”.  The links allow anyone to send a personalized message regarding a specific environmental issue to a political leader.   I believe this form of activism is useful, as it puts the average civilian in contact with someone that has the power to correct the issue.

Internet Activism is increasing in popularity because it is easy to participate in and also anonymous.  I think people are more likely to support a cause if they don’t have to proclaim their position.  In this way online activism provides more / better participation.  Also, being online, the activist can access more information about the group and learn about the issues before they participate.  For example, on Greenpeace’s website they post all of their pictures so one can understand the importance of joining their cause.  These tools are quickly accessed online.


One Response to “Greenpeace Activism – Lab 14”

  1. edemuyn2 said

    Interesting idea – I hadn’t considered anonymity as a reason people might prefer online activism.

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