Green Map Data Collection – Lab 7

March 13, 2010

The Green Map Project utilizes GPS to acquire a specific “green” location via latitude and longitude coordinates.  The collection of locations are then laid over a custom map (for example, in google maps) to produce a Green Map. A list of Green Map Icons define the green locations.

My group was assigned to a main section of campus:  from the Henry Administration Building (north boundary) to Gregory Street (southern boundary) and from the Psychology Building (west boundary) to Matthews Street (east boundary).  This section included the Main Quad.  We used the GPS to mark “green” locations such as bike paths, public transportation (bus) stops, recycling areas, and public recreation places (YMCA).  The GPS was not only very easy to use, it was also extremely precise and accurate with regards to our position and heading.

The only trouble we had with the GPS was seeing the screen in the daylight.  It wasn’t until after we finished that we realized the GPS’s backlight was not on.  The ability to manually control the screen’s brightness is a necessary feature in order to prevent the battery from being drained when the GPS is not in immediate use.


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